Cigarrales view from San Roman Tower

Cigarrales green area – View of the hill from San Roman Tower

Cigarrales used to be an area of big private houses with fields and views to the city from the other side of the river but nowadays many of them were converted to hotels and restaurants which let the tourists enjoy the view and at the same time to be close to the centre but in a more spacious area that is easier to reach by car. There are also many places that can be rented for special events like weddings. Here is the list of some places that might be worth to visit and use their services.

Cigarral del Angel Custodio is the oldest of all existing cigarrales, nowadays it is a private property which can be rented by people for various events, for example weddings. This cigarral dates back to 11th century when arabs were ruling the country. Now it is a huge area of 100.000 m² with gardens and terraces which can make any event outstanding. This place also offers services of planning a wedding.

Cigarral de las Mercedes has amazing gardens, a historical big house, a huge tent to chill out, house next to the lake and a hotel Boutique with beauty centre. An amazing place for various types of events since many people can fit in there.

Cigarral De Caravantes is a 3-star hotel with a bar and a restaurant. It has 22 rooms in total with highest comfort level. The gardens near the hotel are very enjoyable. Cigarrales is considered to be the best place for the hotels since it has beautiful views. Its restaurant offers various kinds of food and cafe-bar is a good place for having fun.

Hotel Los Cigarrales is a hotel of 2 stars with a restaurant which has a capacity of 100 people and can be rented for various events. This hotel has a perfect location since it is situated near the entrance to the city centre. Furthermore, this hotel is built in a building which has a typical architecture of Toledo.

Hotel Cigarral El Bosque is a high class 5 stars hotel which offers customized stays with many interesting different offers that can be found in their website. It has many services including a restaurant, a pool and even daily newspapers or transfer services. The restaurant of this hotel offers to taste the best traditional cousine of Toledo.

Vinedos Cigarral Santa Maria has an outstanding vineyard which is the most genuine in this city. This place is perfect for various events like bachelor parties, family reunions, baptims, marriages or any other. It has a huge and beautiful terrace, big room for catering guests and a house with capacity of 80 people with the view of vineyard.

La Venta Del Alma dates back to 17th century and now it is a place for various events and celebrations. It has several rooms and yards that look very historic and thrilling.

Hotel Abaceria is a 3-star hotel with a restaurant in a building that preserved the architecture of Toledo. It offers to hold various business meetings and events in their lounges. There are in total 40 rooms in this hotel and most of them have terraces with a nice and historic view. Its restaurant offers specialties of Toledo so that clients can taste the food of local people.

Cigarral Hierbabuena is a place that has spacious terraces with many beautiful plants and a big room that has large windows with an outstanding view of Toledo. It is a perfect place for events like outdoor banquets or cocktail parties, as well as weddings since it can be a pretty romantic place to take pictures.

AC hotels is a chain of hotels which are established in countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy so the name of this hotel is pretty well-known. One of its hotels is built in Toledo, in a historic part of the city called Cigarrales which offers magnificent views. Since this hotel is known across the country, it is a choice for people who want to stay at a hotel which services they have already tried.

Kris Hoteles is also a chain of hotels with one of its 4-star hotel situated in Toledo, in the area called Cigarrales.

Map with the Cigarrales of Toledo

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