El Greco worked and lived in Toledo since 1585 until his dead in 1614. He painted mainly religious scenes for churches and portraits for noblemen. His workshop was rather prolific so we have a good representation of his works in a few places of Toledo (and abroad). We are going to list five places that would introduce you to his great talent.

Santo Tome Church

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz (El Entierro del Señor de Orgaz) is it’s most renowned painting, it was commissioned 10 years after he arrived to Toledo by the priest of Santo Tome Church, in order to represent the burial of this nobleman that had been generous with the community.

Toledo Cathedral

The Disrobing of Christ is one of El Greco’s most impressive paintings, the dimensions and the red colour are captivating. This painting is located in the Sacristy and it represents the moment where the crowd is about to take the clothes out of Christ, before the crucifixion.

Santa Cruz Museum

This ancient hospice holds nowadays an important fine arts and archaeological collection. Among the things that we can find here, are many Greco’s paintings, like the Inmaculate Conception and Saint Veronica with the Holy Kerchief.

El Greco Museum

Very close from where he lived, we find this museum with a few of his works, like the View and Plan of Toledo. There are also other paintings from different artists. The museum recreates a house of that time, with a beautiful patio.

Church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo

El Greco was buried here, far from the bustle of the most visited parts of the city. He paid for a crypt in this church, and he created a magnificent altarpiece for this place with different paintings. Unfortunately nowadays El Greco is not longer here, and only a part of the altarpiece remains the original.

Burial of the Count of Orgaz

Detail of the Burial of the Count of Orgaz by El Greco